Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birth Control

I know that the Duggar's are popping out bbs like a gumball machine because they think God told them to or some shiznit, so I'll lay off just in case they're on the arc (in pairs, naturally) and have room for one more.
What I don't understand, though, is the argument against birth control in general and how immoral it is.

So they say it kills babies. But the babies aren't born yet. So it's not even abortion (WHICH SHOULD BE DAMNED TO DAMNATION), but rather a pre-ordering of a baby. It's like being in the drive-thru of a McDonalds and deciding that a #2 with Cheese suddenly doesn't sound so appetizing anymore, so you drive off (or PULL OUT, amiright?). You haven't ordered. Billy behind the register isn't particularly concerned that his fingers won't burn .005 calories by pushing the buttons to complete your order, and you're happy that you won't be having diarrhea later. No harm done.

I don't get it, but maybe it's because I'm not a huge fan of babies. (Why do they stare? It's so impolite.)

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  1. I... can't... STAND... them!!!!!

    They're a bunch of (((whores))). If you want to have 17 kids fine if you so choose (I wouldn't!), but to patheticly BEG for attention ("oh, you're so giving!"), just reinforces a (((major))) insecurity flaw. Bunch of WHORES! Just like Matt Roloff did w/ his family on 'Little People, Big World' and just like that Asian dickhead on 'Jon & Kate + 8'.