Monday, September 28, 2009

Hot Head

History Class is far more interesting in college. Maybe that's because the professor is the strangest woman I have ever met, from her stories about her wild sex life to her odd choice to sport one of those mushroom haircuts that middle-age women like to get.

Last class (that I actually went to) did not disappoint, as we learned about Plato's view on childbirth.

Apparently this dickwad (yep, that's a scholarly term. Oh you didn't know that? Clearly you have never attended a community college.) believed that women had almost nothing to do with birthing a child. They were just the 'ovens' essentially while the man's seed that he planted in the oven/garden/household item had the entire baby inside it. And what kept this little man egg warm was blood, so the woman obviously wouldn't have liked any Kristin Stewart movies. Actually, she couldn't like anything much at all, except maybe watching her drool hit the floor.

This is because women were not fit to be intellectuals, and educating a woman was a BAD idea. Not because you'd have to listen to her praise of Jodi Picoult novels, but because thinking forced all blood to enter your brain, and would leave the man fetus chilly. They didn't have Snuggies back then.

I don't know. Just when you think we've come a long way, the world is granted someone like Paris Hilton who would prove Plato completely right. I guess Kathy Hilton (why do I know her name?!?) had a heavy menstrual flow.