Monday, March 16, 2009

New Yawk

^There I am, hailing a cab. Got swallowed up my hair scrunchie again. I just never learn.

NYC is a funny place. It never ceases to deliver the crazy (always collect the "we will all die in the pits of hell" pamphlets because they're full of Lolz) and the horrendous smells that I've found to be mostly urine with a hint of lemon. But it is also beautiful. Despite whatever hairy bastard sits too close to you on the Subway.

And my friend and I can proudly proclaim that we were tourist buffalo, as we were one step above the tourist sheep that stand in the exact middle of the crosswalks and wait to see if they should cross the rest of the few feet to the otherside or turn around completely. I don't know how the cabbies don't knock them down like bowling pins, to be honest. That also would seem quite fun.

Anyway, it was good times by all. Highlights include my friend belligerently yelling at Mickey and Minnie to see if they could see us inside their giant heads, and trying to decide if we were high or the sidewalk in Times Square WAS actually glittery. Apparently it was, and I've decided that that's the sweat of famous people.

Too bad I missed meeting up with people other than the giant fake mice (I promised you a shout-out, Mimi!) but there will definitely be a next time.