Saturday, April 19, 2008

Putting the I in Ireland

Pictures From my Trip/ Shameless Photography Promotion

Nick Nolte, is that chu?

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Socrelosis Madraeus

Common Name: Soccer Mom
Symptoms Include:
*Knowing who Gayle King is
*Reading Danielle Steel novels
*Having the same haircut since 1998
*Spending a third of your life in the Starbucks line
*Believing that Tipper Gore makes a solid argument
*Wearing jeans up to your bosom
*Driving an automotive shrine to your child
*Owning a Peter Gabriel and/or Phil Collins CD
*Dressing your whole family in Crocs
*Considering 9:30 PM to be 'late'
*Neglecting your steering wheel because your cell phone needs to know the best recipe for parmesan chicken RIGHT THEN
*Categorizing your closet into 2 sections. "Trackpants" and "Not Trackpants"
*Finding Dr. Phil 'charming'

If you or someone you know has 3 or more of these symptoms...
well I don't know what you can do. But THROW THE CROCS AWAY

Friday, April 11, 2008

Chaving a Wonderful Time

I like to spice up European vacations by scouting for Chavs. This charmer did not disappoint. He had the full ensemble AND vomited in the street!

Here's to You, Swamp Thing

In a world where a DUI is like an initiation ritual into the vapid world of the too-rich and too-famous, a violent, heroin (Or is it coke? Or meth? Or crack?) addicted lump of hair is like discovering your third batch of herpes. You'd rather it no be in your life, but you're not too worried about it. Anyway, aside from being the unofficial sponsor of Betty Ford, she is also known for her powerful voice and unique sound. Back to Black (is she talking about her teeth here?), her internationally successful second album, is credited with reviving the Motown sound with hints of rock and roll along the way. Her talent is immense, though her addiction takes precedence in the press, and she is a breath of would-be fresh air in the music scene. Thanks, Amy, for keeping my ears entertained and Mexican gangs in business, all at the same time!